12 Ways To Say Hello In Chinese

12 Ways To Say Hello In Chinese

You ought to switch to this greeting when saying hello to a couple of person.The term “nǐmén” is a plural type of “nǐ,” that means “you.” You can lengthen 你好 (nǐ hǎo) by adding the query particle 嗎 / 吗 ►ma. The question particle 嗎 / 吗 could be added to the top of sentences and phrases to vary them from statements into questions. Along with knowing tips on how to say hello in Chinese, learning some helpful phrases in Mandarin before touring in China is a good suggestion. Although each words in Pinyin are marked as third tone (nǐ hǎo), the pronunciation modifications a bit as a result of two consecutive third tones occur back to back. In this instance, the first word (nǐ) is pronounced with a second tone that rises in pitch instead.

For example, if you run into a pupil, you might say “qù shàng kè le? This one might seem fairly nosy by non-Chinese standards, but don’t be bothered by that – that is one other method that people specific that they care by exhibiting interest. This is brief for 早上好 (zǎo shang hǎo), which suggests “good morning.” It’s pretty much used the very same way as it’s in English.

最近你怎么样?  (zuì Jìn Nǐ Zěn Me Yàng)

The person spoken to or written to is older than you, similar to your superior or your client. The particular person spoken to or written to is round your age or social place, corresponding to your classmates, colleagues, your junior. LTL Mandarin School believes that Chinese research shouldn’t be restricted to the classroom.

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Chinese Language Greetings That Can Make You Sound Like A Local

待会见 means “see you later,” and ought to be used if you understand that you’re going to meet the other individual again very quickly, usually within a day. Remember to wave your arms to be able to appear more friendly and warm the ambiance. You can also use 拜拜, which is formed based mostly on the sound of “bye-bye” in English. (Zuì jìn zěn me yàng a), and a correct answer to this is additionally 挺好的 (tǐng hǎo de). If you wish to be more polite otherwise you suspect that there’s an necessary caller on the other end of the road, you can also add 你好 (nĭhǎo). However, it sounds more pure to say 喂,你好 (wéi, nĭhǎo) than to simply say 你好 by itself.

  • So don’t be surprised if someone greets you that means, it’ll happen.
  • They’re the key to making sure the people you speak to have a great impression of you right from the beginning.
  • A tough pronunciation of nín hǎo is Neen how”. “Nina” is a second tone.
  • Did you realize that 你好 nǐ hǎo was not the one way to say hi in Chinese?
  • Some Chinese greetings may appear fairly nosy from non-Chinese perspective, but it isn’t a harass, it is extra like showing care and concern.

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